Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A new 50D & some auto focus adjustments

I recently upgraded to a Canon 50D from the XTi,and the learning process continues. So far,I'm having a difficult time with auto focus using the 300mm. So much so,I decided to check the focus of all my lenses. If your camera is capable,and you want to check the front/back focus and make micro adjustments,check out this great tool.
AF Micro-Adjustment tool
After checking the 300mm,all appears to be well. At least with the lens. I'm still not at all satisfied with the images I'm getting with this combination,although my use has been limited. At this time,I will have to say the user is the problem,and the equipment is fine. Time will tell.
Here's a few images from the 300mm & 50d.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Aren't those photos great Napoleon?"

Although I really don't like shooting indoors, I like the way this shot came out.
This photo was taken Thanksgiving day at ISO1600,using an Canon XTi with the built in flash,then processed using a very cool Lightroom black and white preset I found this morning. The preset was developed to emulate Kodak TMax 400 black & white film.
A whole set of these black & white presets for Lightroom can be found here.

I never did find a noise preset I was looking for to begin with !

Kodak TMax 400


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter happens

I'm going to start out this winter season on a positive note.
Forget the fact that it's 10 degrees below the freezing point.
Winter happens. With winter comes snow. Lot's of it,around these parts.
People who get paid to predict this stuff tell us there's an 87% chance we will get some snow today.
I just looked out my kitchen window,and I'd say the chances are 100%.
I've resigned myself to the fact that for the next 4 to 5 months,I will have fewer opportunities to make images.
Snowing or not though,I will be out there trying to capture all the images I can.
For me,snow brings a sense of wonderment. The inner child stirs. Snow washes away the bleakness of late fall,and brings a cleanliness,a calm to all it surrounds.

Here are some images from yesterday. All shot out the truck window.........

Here's the same shot,done in watercolor.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meet The Pro - John Isaac

It's not every day that you get to sit 15 feet from one of the most respected photographers in the world,and listen as he pours over a body of his work. I had the opportunity to do just that this evening,as John Isaac spent an hour and forty five minutes with a room full of photo enthusiasts at Syracuse University's Community Darkrooms
Isaac spoke of his travels around the world,and his personal struggle in dealing with what he had witnessed while capturing images for the United Nations for over a 20 year period. Isaac also spoke of what moves him today. Photographing the exact opposite of what he saw as a photojournalist. Beauty. It was very evident,Isaac is a humble man,one touched by what he has been witness too,and his images speak volumes to what he has seen.
Here are a few links to info on John Issac and some of his work.
Lexar pro_photo/john isaac
Olympus feature article

Many thanks to Olympus & local camera dealer Ra-Lins for sponsoring this event.
A special thanks to Mindy (Syracuse Photography Meetup Group) for alerting me to this event.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I hunt with a Canon

It's that time of year again. The 1st snow has made it's appearance around these parts,and hunters have taken to the woods,in search of Whitetail Deer. Some of my favorite places to shoot,which were quiet a few weeks back,will be invaded by the folks in camo & orange. The lead will fly. Although I don't oppose hunting,I am particularly leary of those hunting public land. I remember a few years back,a few lads from Long Island shot a cow hunting Whitetail deer. Yes,a cow. Somehow I don't see the resemblance. For the 1st time ever,I might be in the market for a blaze orange winter hat.Here's a whitetail I "shot" with my Canon this past March. A survivor of the hunting season. Must have blended in with the cows........

Sunday, November 16, 2008

And now,for a few photos

Ok. Now for a few photos. That's what were here for,right ?

"Mistery Bay" - A lone Mallard on Crow Bay - Bob's Lake,Ontario,Canada

Grace Potter - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals at Mtn Jam 2008

"Old Time Movies"

"Monkey Business"

Mourning Dove - A backyard regular

"Oneida River Abstract"

Blog 1

I am an amateur photographer,and have enjoyed capturing images on and off for the past 20 years or so.
In the past (with film),I took a general interest in Photography,but never really pursued it with much more than a passing interest.
Then came the monster that is digital photography. Digital started out very innocent enough for me. I bought a Kodak 3.1 megapixel DX3900 point & shoot,and was enjoying the freedom of making images that could be enjoyed almost immediately. I would take my camera with me just about everywhere I went. This new digital photography was great. Until...........
One day while wandering around a state forest here in Central New York,I came upon a wonderful photo opportunity. While driving (off road) in the forest,a grouse flushed from the side of the trail as I stopped my truck. Unlike all previous grouse encounters,the bird just hopped across the trail from one thicket to another,but never took flight. Very strange,I thought to myself. He must be injured. Onward I went,only to stop 10 yards up the trail. Here,perched 15 feet up in a tree was the reason for the grouse's behavior. A huge Barred Owl ! I quickly shut off the engine of my truck,and grabbed the camera. The owl looked my way,and then spun his head around. He didn't think he had been spotted. I tried not to make eye contact as the owl looked back. Too late. He knows I've spotted him,but not soon enough,as I am able to snap off 3 or 4 photos out the truck window. Awesome ! Just as quickly as he had appeared,without a sound,he was gone. I immediately took a look at the shots I was able to get off. To my total dismay,the photos were horrific ! I vowed right then and there,come hell or high water,I was going to get a "real" camera,and learn how to use it. And so,in December of 2006,I took the plunge,and purchased a Canon Rebel XTi,and a 70-200mm L lens. Innocently enough,in the 2 years since I took the plunge,my "hobby",has turned into a full blown addiction. If there was an AAA for digital photography,I would need to be at every meeting. "Hi,my name is Chris,and I haven't taken a photo in.........."
Well,here goes. I'm not sure how this idea of starting a blog will turn out,but here we are nonetheless.

Here's the shot that started it all. (I can hear the laughter now!)