Thursday, November 20, 2008

Meet The Pro - John Isaac

It's not every day that you get to sit 15 feet from one of the most respected photographers in the world,and listen as he pours over a body of his work. I had the opportunity to do just that this evening,as John Isaac spent an hour and forty five minutes with a room full of photo enthusiasts at Syracuse University's Community Darkrooms
Isaac spoke of his travels around the world,and his personal struggle in dealing with what he had witnessed while capturing images for the United Nations for over a 20 year period. Isaac also spoke of what moves him today. Photographing the exact opposite of what he saw as a photojournalist. Beauty. It was very evident,Isaac is a humble man,one touched by what he has been witness too,and his images speak volumes to what he has seen.
Here are a few links to info on John Issac and some of his work.
Lexar pro_photo/john isaac
Olympus feature article

Many thanks to Olympus & local camera dealer Ra-Lins for sponsoring this event.
A special thanks to Mindy (Syracuse Photography Meetup Group) for alerting me to this event.

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