Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter happens

I'm going to start out this winter season on a positive note.
Forget the fact that it's 10 degrees below the freezing point.
Winter happens. With winter comes snow. Lot's of it,around these parts.
People who get paid to predict this stuff tell us there's an 87% chance we will get some snow today.
I just looked out my kitchen window,and I'd say the chances are 100%.
I've resigned myself to the fact that for the next 4 to 5 months,I will have fewer opportunities to make images.
Snowing or not though,I will be out there trying to capture all the images I can.
For me,snow brings a sense of wonderment. The inner child stirs. Snow washes away the bleakness of late fall,and brings a cleanliness,a calm to all it surrounds.

Here are some images from yesterday. All shot out the truck window.........

Here's the same shot,done in watercolor.


  1. I really like the yellow berries in the snow. You almost expect to always see red berries, but yellow is a great color accent in the otherwise monochromatic scene. I am not sure I can really see a noticeable difference between the two images but I like them. Well seen.

  2. Hey Beau. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Those are actually apples,still hanging on !

  3. Very good catch.

    The snow atop of of the, you said...apples??..perfectly caught before the wind shook it off. I don't like the water-colored one as much.

    And the white snow among the green pine needles. It makes the green of the needles stand out more.
    Kind of ironic when I looked at the date of this post, with all that snow. You posted it one year ago today.

    A chill in the air, no doubt, but no snow yet.