Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A new 50D & some auto focus adjustments

I recently upgraded to a Canon 50D from the XTi,and the learning process continues. So far,I'm having a difficult time with auto focus using the 300mm. So much so,I decided to check the focus of all my lenses. If your camera is capable,and you want to check the front/back focus and make micro adjustments,check out this great tool.
AF Micro-Adjustment tool
After checking the 300mm,all appears to be well. At least with the lens. I'm still not at all satisfied with the images I'm getting with this combination,although my use has been limited. At this time,I will have to say the user is the problem,and the equipment is fine. Time will tell.
Here's a few images from the 300mm & 50d.

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