Thursday, August 20, 2009

Inside The Blue Line

My traveling spirit is starting to stir again. Fall is fast approaching, and my mind is wandering with thoughts of visiting and photographing places I’ve never been. Thoughts of the Maine wilderness and Moose. Northern Algonquin. Nova Scotia. Beautiful places that would certainly provide magnificent photo opportunities. No matter how far my mind wanders out into the wilds away from home,one place always seems to take over my thoughts come autumn. The place that lies just inside the “blue line”. The Adirondack Park,and it’s many mountains and streams. There is a certain spirit that exists in the Adirondacks. One that I have felt no where else. The solitude is unmatched. An autumn leave ablaze lying on the surface of a still pond. A common autumn scene,repeated in many parts of the world,but here it is different. It is magical. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. The cry of a loon that penetrates the morning mist,as it rises to meet the sky,unveiling the painted mountains bathed in the morning’s first light. It is all so different here to me. The light is different. The darkness of star lit skies. The meandering brook. The sound of silence. It is all genuine inside the blue line. It is a place I am grateful to have visited,and it brings hope,knowing I can visit again soon. What I find in this place is the way things should be. Simple. Honest. Beautiful. So as my mind wanders and brings thoughts of far away places,my wandering spirit is being reined in by the call of the Adirondacks once more. The time is near. Time to step inside the blue line.

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  1. Great images Chris. I am about to start my travel season for work so I completely understand that traveling spirit. I am looking forward to my fall wandering all over New England.